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Distributions and Downloads

SchemaCrawler is distributed in a variety of ways, to support various use cases.

If you would like to use SchemaCrawler without installing it, you can explore the SchemaCrawler command-line with a live tutorial on Katacoda. The Katacoda tutorial works from within any browser with no software or plugins needed.

If you need to use SchemaCrawler locally, you have a number of options. You can download SchemaCrawler releases with tutorials from GitHub.. You can install the SchemaCrawler Interactive Shell using platform-specific installers downloaded from schemacrawler/SchemaCrawler-Installers. For Windows, SchemaCrawler is also available via the Scoop command-line installer, Chocolatey package manager, as well as via Microsoft Windows Package Manager, winget.

If you want to use SchemaCrawler as a library, and in your build, all jars are in the Central Repository. They can be used as dependencies in Gradle or Apache Maven projects, or with any other build system that supports the Central Repository. SchemaCrawler reports can be incorporated into Apache Maven builds with the SchemaCrawler Report Maven Plugin and into the GitHub Actions workflow with the SchemaCrawler Action. If you would like to extend SchemaCrawler with plugins for a certain database, create new database lints, or create a new command, use the starter projects to create new SchemaCrawler plugins on GitHub.

Pre-packaged SchemaCrawler Docker images are available on Docker Hub.

Additional SchemaCrawler database plugins are available from the schemacrawler/SchemaCrawler-Database-Plugins project.

Installation on Windows


You can install SchemaCrawler on Windows using the Scoop command-line installer. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Scoop command-line installer
  2. Run
    scoop install
    from a PowerShell command-prompt



You can install SchemaCrawler on Windows using Chocolatey. The Chocolatey SchemaCrawler package is maintained by Adrien Sales.