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Interactive Shell with ChatGPT

SchemaCrawler is integrated with ChatGPT to provide an interactive way to interrogate your database schema metadata. No information about your database schema is shared with OpenAI. To start using this integration, you will need to create your own OpenAI API key. Once you have that, use SchemaCrawler from the command-line as you normally would, and connect to your database. Provide chatgpt as the SchemaCrawler command, and provide your OpenAI API key in an environmetal variable called OPENAI_API_KEY. Otherwise, you can use an additional command-line argument, --api-key to provide your API key. If you do not want to provide this API key in the clear, you can use --api-key:env instead, and give the name of an environmental variable that contains the key, if it is different than OPENAI_API_KEY.

Once you have this running, you will have an interactive chat shell with ChatGPT, enhanced with information about your database metadata. You can try prompts such as the following ones:

To quit the console, you can type something like:

You can use any language that ChatGPT supports, for example, try something like:

Get SQL and Other Help on Your Schema

If you are willing to share your database metadata with OpenAI, you can get additional help from ChatGPT. For example, you can get help with writing SQL queries, or with writing good comments on your database schema. To share data, pass an additional command-line argument to SchemaCrawler, --use-metadata. SchemaCrawler uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques to select the tables in your schema that will be used to assist with your ChatGPT prompt.

Try out prompts like (even though they may not return completely accurate information):


SchemaCrawler allows you to extend the functionality with your own functions that work against the database catalog. Your functions should implement<P extends FunctionParameters>. Package your functions in a jar, with a service provider file called META-INF/services/ Put this jar on the SchemaCrawler classpath, and your functions will be provided to ChatGPT for processing.